GRAPES at I4MS event in Budapest

Tor Dokken will present a poster showcasing GRAPES and the results obtained so far by our ESRs at the I4MS event ‘European leadership and digital game-changers of the manufacturing industry’ in Budapest, on 19th of October 2022. Many thanks to the fellows that contributed their results and to Georg Muntingh for compiling them to a poster!

European Researchers’ Night – 30 September 2022

This year’s cialis pharmacy prices will take place on Friday 30 September 2022 in 25 countries.

The aims of the event are to bring researchers closer to the general public and to increase public awareness of research and innovation activities with a view to supporting the public recognition of research and innovation activities, to creating an understanding of the impact of researchers’ work on citizens’ daily lives and to encouraging young people to embark on research careers.

The event is therefore particularly aimed at young people and their families.

The organisers of these events always seek the involvement of researchers funded by H2020 and Horizon Europe, including the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA).

The participation of the GRAPES fellows in the event is therefore strongly encouraged. The link European Researchers’ Night includes the websites of each organisers that the fellow can contact directly and offer his/her participation.

New Partner Organization Co-Design Lab @ UC Berkeley

We are very hapy to welcome to GRAPES the Cognition and Computation in Design (Co-Design) Lab ( of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University California Berkeley! The Co-Design Lab, led by Prof. Kosa Goucher-Lambert has just joined our Project as a Partner Organization.

Open position at RWTH Aachen University

The GRAPES Network has one (1) open research training position at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) under the supervision of Prof. Leif Kobbelt. The position is for 27 months and *may* lead to a PhD. For details see, or contact Prof. Leif Kobbelt. Applications should be submitted via email to following the instructions at

Open PhD position at U. Konstanz

The University of Konstanz is looking for a Phd candidate to start the research in August 2021 on the topic of “Polynomial optimization problems with symmetry” under the scope of POEMA project.

The details and application of this job position is available on POEMA project website.