Doctoral school I & Midterm meeting

Due to the covid19 pandemic, the first Doctoral School and the Midterm meeting will be held online during the first week of February 2021. Despite its name, the Midterm meeting with the REA Project Officer is held on February 4, 2021 as an one day event.

Schedule of the Doctoral School I

The First Doctoral School focuses on machine learning for shapes. There will be introductory short courses and presentations by GRAPES members and other invited high-profile speakers. Confirmed speakers include P. Alliez (Inria and GF), Y. Avrithis (Inria), M. Bronstein (USI and ICL), M. Salamó (UB), and A. Leutgeb from industrial partner RISC-Software. The precise dates and schedule of the School will be determined in due course and shall be during or around the first week of February 2021.

Schedule of the Midterm Meeting (February 4th, 2021)

The purpose of the Midterm meeting between the REA and the Consortium is as to discuss the implementation of the project, make sure that all ESRs have been recruited and review the rules of the Marie Curie programme to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed before the beginning of the scientific activities. All beneficiaries and ESRs should participate the meeting. Our Partner Organisations are strongly encouraged to participate.

You can download a preliminary version of the Midterm meeting program here. All times are Greek local time (UTC+3).

Kickoff & Recruitment Event, Rome (Virtual Event)

GRAPES Kickoff Event

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our Kickoff Workshop will be held online on November 5-6, 2020. It will not be a “recruitment” event as it was initially planned because most of the positions are now closed. However, the application process for the remaining open positions is ongoing and we encourage interested candidates to upload their files (see this page) since the hard deadline to recruit PhD fellows remains end of November 2020.


The agenda of the meeting includes introductory presentations by the coordinator, the research coordinator, the head of the Educational Committee and the technical coordinator. Next, each beneficiary will give a short presentation of their team and their PhD projects (15′ for teams hosting one PhD, 25′ for teams hosting two PhDs). The PhD projects will be presented by the ESRs, if they are recruited by the time of the Kickoff, else by the project advisor. We encourage the participation of short listed or selected candidates that will not have completed their recruitment procedures by the start of the Kickoff event. The Project’s Partner Organizations will give a brief overview of their research activities and their expectations from GRAPES. Finally, there will be meetings of the Educational Committee and the Supervisory Board.

You can download a pdf version of the program here.
All times are Rome local time (UTC+1).

Thursday November 5th, 2020 Friday November 6th, 2020
11:00 C. Manni – welcome 11:00 USI Lugano , ESR11, ESR12
11:05 I. Emiris – GRAPES Coordinator 11:25 Univ. Rome Tor Vergata, ESR13
11:20 L. Busé – Research Coordinator 11:40 Vilnius Univ. , ESR14
11:35 C. D’Andrea – Head of Educational Committee 11:55 GeometryFactory , ESR15
11:50 C. Konaxis – Technical Coordinator 12:10 Lunch break
12:00 Lunch break 14:00 3D Industries
13:45 Athena RC , Y. Avrithis , ESR1, ESR2 14:15 International TechneGroup Ltd
14:10 Univ. Barcelona, ESR3, ESR4 14:30 ModuleWorks GmbH
14:35 Inria , ESR5 , ESR6 14:45 RISC-Software GmbH
15:00 Coffee break 15:00 Coffee break
15:15 JKU Linz, ESR7 15:15 Supervisory Board meeting
15:30 RWTH Aachen, ESR8
15:45 SINTEF, ESR9
16:00 Univ. Strathclyde – ESR10
16:15 Coffee break
16:30 Educational Committee meeting